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Salty Captain BUNMSCR Marine Screen 300g


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Marine Screen – Anti-Rust & Corrosion

This is the pressurised version of Salty Captain’s Lanolin Spray. The advantage of an aerosol can is that it’ll spray evenly and quickly.

Keep corrosion away, with our Lanolin Spray!

Use on any moving metal or electricals.

Salty Captain’s Australian-made Lanolin Spray creates a sealing barrier that keeps water out. Apply it to all mechanical or electrical surfaces on your vessel, vehicle, and trailer after cleaning to stop corrosion before it starts. This spray is made with a high-grade lanolin base and specialised chemical compounds.

How it Works:

Lanolin has been used as a lubricant/waterproofer by humans for about 8000 years. Today, it (with modern additives) can protect the metal surfaces of your boat or PWC from rusting. Extracted from boiling sheep’s wool, Lanolin is waterproof because it’s heavier than water; forcing water to the surface. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also self-healing. If scratched, the surrounding Lanolin moves to fill the scratch in.


Legendary Products And Support From Authorised Dealers

You’ve decided to buy Salty Captain. That means quality and performance are important to you, so who you buy your new Salty Captain gear from is just as important. Here are a few reasons to purchase from an authorised dealer and here is why.


Proper Training: Only authorised GME dealers are factory-trained to sell and install GME products. They know GME products and your vehicle to ensure that your new purchase exceeds your expectations!


Authorized WarrantySalty Captain provides one of the best warranties in the business. Only customers purchasing through authorised dealers receive this comprehensive company warranty. Don’t be fooled by others who promise a full warranty, because it’s simply not true.


SupportIf you have an issue, you are covered by Salty Captain Australia’s manufacturer’s warranty and all you need to do is send it back in directly to get any warranty issues sorted, not post it back overseas, it’s all done right here.


Protect Your InvestmentProtect yourself and your investment by making sure you buy your Salty Captain product from us, an online dealer who is part of the Salty Captain family. Ask yourself, is it worth saving a few dollars not to be covered?


Salty Captain


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Salty Captain BUNMSCR Marine Screen 300g

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