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TBS Electronics A-1800I-24 1800W PSW Inverter/24V/230 H/W


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Tbs Electronics Has Just Launched a New Range of Smart and Efficient MPPT Charge Controllers for Solar Energy Systems.

The TBS inverter series features an advanced microprocessor control system that controls all the system workings. This control is done by fast and efficient software algorithms dedicated to protecting the inverter and your system, while the real power of the unit is delivered via the low loss toroidal transformer. This toroidal transformer is designed to generate surge loads well in excess of the rated power output for long periods of time. The transformer and microprocessor both work together to provide a reliable inverter output under all conditions (including harsh, vibration prone applications). You could call the TBS range of inverters Built like a Tank.


Legendary Product & Support from Authorized Dealers

You’ve decided to buy TBS Electronics. That means quality and performance are important to you, so who you buy your new TBS Electronics gear from is just as important. Here are a few reasons to purchase from an authorized dealer and here is why.


Proper Training: Only authorized TBS Electronics dealers are factory trained to sell and install our products. They know our products and your vehicle to ensure that your new purchase exceeds your expectations!


Authorized Warranty: TBS Electronics provides one of the best warranties in the business. Only customers purchasing through authorized dealers receive this comprehensive company warranty. Don’t be fooled by others who promise a full warranty, because it’s simply not true.


Legendary Support: It’s why we insist on providing warranty service ourselves, with original parts. We do it right the first time and we do it fast. Only products purchased through authorized dealers get it no matter what the other online sellers tell you.
Protect Your Investment: Protect yourself and your investment by making sure you buy your TBS Electronics product from us, an online dealer who is part of the TBS Electronics family.

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TBS Electronics A-1800I-24 1800W PSW Inverter/24V/230 H/W

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