You’ll Be Surprised Where You’ll Find Uses for It Throughout Your Vehicle, Office & Home

Pro Short Arm Suction Mount Magnetic Holder

The Aerpro APMPSM1 Magmate Pro Short Arm Suction Mount Magnetic Holder is an innovative magnetic mounting system designed to conveniently and securely mount smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to the windscreen or dashboard in the vehicle, or any other flat smooth surface around the home or office. The sleek, cradle-free design uses high-powered, device-safe rare earth magnets to secure your device exactly where you need it, with no arms, legs, or brackets to block access to ports or buttons. 

The gel pad mount with locking suction base attaches securely to any flat smooth surface and the angle adjustable head combined with 360 degree rotation allows the device to be positioned for the best viewing angle. The arm is extendable from 105mm to 130mm, giving flexibility when it comes to mounting locations. The kit comes supplied with two magnetic holder plates, one black and one silver, these can be stuck directly to the device or simply placed between the device and its case.

The entire system installs effortlessly to keep your hands free and your apps, updates, photos, messages, emails and videos at a convenient and glance-able level. You’ll be surprised where you’ll find uses for it throughout your vehicle, office and home.

Important Information:

  • Magmate Pro Mounts are not recommended for use with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices as the magnets may damage the hard drive.
  • Heavy devices like iPad PRO and other large tablets have an increased chance of falling from any magnetic mount as such we advise not using these devices in moving vehicles or where vibrations and bumping may be present.


  • Gel pad mount with locking suction base
  • Attaches to the windscreen, dashboard or any other flat smooth surface
  • 6 Neodymium magnets super strong hold
  • 360 Degree rotation for vertical or horizontal view
  • Adjustable angle for best viewing position
  • Extendable arm 105mm to 130mm for easy reach
  • Includes 1x black and 1x silver magnetic holder plates
  • Ideal for use with smartphones and tablets
  • Great for cars, 4WDs, trucks, home or office


    • Mount Type: Gel Pad Suction Mount
    • Applications: Windscreen, Dashboard or any Other Flat Smooth Surface
    • Magnets: 6x Neodymium
    • Inclusions:
      • Magnetic Head
      • Gel Pad Locking Suction Mount
      • Black Magnetic Holder Plate
      • Silver Magnetic Holder Plate


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