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MotoBatt MB16AU 12V 20.5Ah 230CCA AGM Motorcycle Battery For Quadflex Technology


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Latest Technology to Provide the Motorcycle Enthusiast With Hassle-Free Riding!


Motorcycle Battery With Quadflex Technology
Motobatt Quadflex batteries, the first and unique 4 terminal system, propose the best balance between CCA and Amp hour capacity. By utilizing the wasted space inside a standard battery case, Motobatt maximizes the dimensions of the plates internally. Additionally, the plate grids are made thicker, and that with the additional density of the pasting improves the Amp Hour capacity, durability, and Cold-cranking Amps. Motobatt has completely changed the Powersport market by improving an old design.


  • The accuracy of this guide is not guaranteed & is offered as a guide only
  • Always Check the Dimensions and polarity Before Purchasing


  • 20% More Amp Hour Capacity*
  • 20% More Cold Cranking Amps*
  • Heavy Duty Pure Lead Calcium Cast Grids for high-strength
  • More Surface Area per Plate for Superior Performance & Longevity
  • Military Grade Absorbed Glass Matt Separators, Vibration Resistant
  • Multi Terminal Design, Easy to Add Accessories
  • Factory Activated, No Acid to Fill, Simply Check Charge & Go!
  • Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate


  • Voltage: 12
  • CCA 230
  • Capacity (10HR): 20.5Ah
  • Weight: 6.25kg / 13.78Ibs
  • Dimensions (in / mm): L: 8.15(207) W: 2.83(72) H: 6.46(164)
  • Assembly Figure Terminal Locations: 2
  • Terminals: 2, M6x2.5 (Part#MPT2)
  • Screws: 4,M6X7 (Part#2xMPS2)
  • Allen Wrench: 1, 4×4 (Part#MPAK2)
  • Terminal Caps: 2, 12×5.5 (Part#MPC2)

Vehicle Compatibility:

  • Yamaha XV700 Virago (84-87) – 700CC
  • Yamaha XV750 Virago (All) (81-96) – 750CC
  • Yamaha VMX12 V-MAX (85-07) – 1200CC
  • Ducati 996, S, SPS (99-00) – 996CC
  • Ducati Sport Touring 2 (ST2) (97-00) – 944CC
  • Ducati Biposto, Senna, Strada (94-98) – 916CC
  • Ducati I.E.SP, SP S (94-98) – 916CC
  • Ducati ST4 (99-00) – 916CC
  • Ducati Monster (94-00) – 900CC
  • Ducati SL (92-96) – 900CC
  • Ducati Supersport FE (97-98) – 900CC
  • Ducati SP, SP II, SP IV, SP V (90-95) – 888CC
  • Ducati 851 Superbike (90-91) – 851CC
  • Ducati S Superbike (91-92) – 851CC
  • Ducati Sport (89-90) – 750CC
  • Ducati SS (90-00) – 750CC
  • Ducati Strada Biposto, SP, SPS (97-00) – 748CC
  • Yamaha CF300 Inviter (86-90) – 300CC
  • Yamaha PZ500DX Phazer 500 Deluxe (01) – 500CC
  • Yamaha VT500 Venture 500 (97-01) – 500CC
  • Yamaha VT500 Venture 500 XL (99-00) – 500CC
  • Yamaha VX500E Vmax (94-01) – 500CC
  • Yamaha VK540E, II, III (89-03) – 540CC
  • Yamaha XL540 XLV (85-90) – 540CC
  • Yamaha EX570E Exciter (88-90) – 570CC
  • Yamaha EX570E Exciter II LE (91-93) – 570CC
  • Yamaha VT600 Venture 600 (97-98) – 600CC
  • Yamaha VX600E/DX Vmax 600LE/DX (94-96) – 600CC
  • Yamaha VX600XTC Vmax 600 XTC (97-98) – 600CC


Legendary Products & Support From Authorised Dealers?

You’ve decided to buy Motobatt. That means quality and performance are important to you, so who you buy your new Motobatt gear from is just as important. Here are a few reasons to purchase from an authorized dealer and here is why.


Proper Training: Only authorized Motobatt dealers are factory-trained to sell and install our products. They know our products and your vehicle to ensure that your new purchase exceeds your expectations!


Authorized Warranty: Motobatt provides one of the best warranties in the business. Only customers purchasing through authorized dealers receive this comprehensive company warranty. Don’t be fooled by others who promise a full warranty, because it’s simply not true.


Support: If you have an issue you are covered by Motobatt Australia’s manufacturer warranty and all you need to do is send it back in directly to get any warranty issues sorted, not post it back overseas, it’s all done right here.


Protect Your Investment: Protect yourself and your investment by making sure you buy your Motobatt product from us an online dealer who is part of the Motobatt family, Ask yourself if is it worth saving a few dollars to not be covered?!



Weight 6.25 kg

Motorcycle Battery



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Road Motorcycle



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MotoBatt MB16AU 12V 20.5Ah 230CCA AGM Motorcycle Battery For Quadflex Technology

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